Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Phase Transition in the Cosmic Background Energy

Like most people, I have been concerned for some time about the possibility of a metastability disaster brought on by some physicist with a tabletop particle collider and a breezy "What the hell let's give it a whirl!" attitude to his work. Basically, he could smash particles together in such a way that the energy equivalent of two 747s colliding would be release in a space the size of a quark.... or something like that.If we are living, as some seem to think, in a "false vacuum" - see here - then the effect of this irresponsible physicist's experiment could be to flip the entire universe over into an entirely different stability. This would not only put us out of existence, it would put our existence out of existence. We would never have happened. Anxious as I am about this, it is consoling to think there will be no possibility of recriminations or regrets. Anyway, physics never ceases to amaze. See below for a new theory that makes Douglas Adams look tentative and which, to my delight, suggests that black holes don't exist. Never liked them.

New Scientist link here


  1. Black holes rock.

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