Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mandelson and Rankin

In The Sunday Times:

*I travel to China with Lord Mandelson in the course of which trip he says something rather surprising.

*I talk to Ian Rankin about graphic novels.


  1. “experience at the disposal of the country”

    Goodness me, the very man who created the monster that lead us to ruin, who believes in an organization that is leading to an accelerated decline in European culture (see this weeks G20), whos Russian mate will be posting his huge IPO in Hong Kong and not London, where as it happens the Boss of Britians biggest solvent bank is to be based in the future, a stunning CV.

    The only Job I think Dave might think it funny to give him is a special ambassador to Rocinha.

  2. Here were we, learning to live in a post Applyardian universe and whoops!, up you pop, Bobby Ewing like, cooking with gas, firing on all twelve, in sparkling form.
    Rankin first. Finally, recognition for shortbread cities finest, dark, odd, ordinary, aware. Rebus, son of Sherlock.
    The television series with John Hannah reeking of the dark corners. entertainment of the highest order, with Ken Stott, only marginally less so.
    Then, as if that were not enough we get two for the price of one, Tesco's will be raging. This is more than one can stand, Peter, sitting in a kitchen that Fired Earthers would sell their grannies for. The supreme champion of self before others, Don of his own Faustian universe.
    Thing is though but, the more people like him stand at the front, the further towards the back of the auditorium do we get. Up against the wall with him.

  3. My wife who has read more murder novels than ive had glasses of Pale Rider says Ken Stott is hopeless and has taken the series link of the Sky Planner in protest.

  4. I love Ian Rankin and also Ken Stott (big nose and all, he's SEXY). So glad you did that interview and now I must get the graphic novel. I have been thinking a lot lately about the first things we read as children (comics, picture books) and how our love for illustrated stories abides with us, even after we know how to skillfully read the inartistic symbols that in most languages (though not some Asian and Middle Eastern ones) deliver us the tales we crave.

  5. We assume that you subscribe to that old adage, Susan, the bigger the nose....

  6. .....the bigger the hankie.

  7. So, the supposed king of political maneuverability, creator of the destroyers of Thatchers legacy, take heed, imperious queen of the hop, Angela's won, best advise your whipping boy Brown to get his tits out if he's to stand any chance.

  8. How would he assess me?

    "You're a sort of calculating professional with an interesting mind and warm edges"

    Hmm, one out of three, not bad.

    I bet he was disappointed to learn that he'd only managed one out of three, Bryan. I wonder if he quietly questioned your self-awareness?

  9. "Editors call me a graphic novelist and my work a
    graphic novel. However, this is a term I don’t like because
    I’m a cartoonist and what I make are comics. The reason
    I chose the media of comics is because it belongs to the
    popular arts. I didn’t want to make any artistic work that
    would only be conceivable by the elite. I wanted people
    to have access to it. I thought I could make it work with
    degrees of knowledge; they would have different layers
    of understanding. It needed to be understandable to
    everybody. That’s the reason why I want to be called a
    cartoonist and my work to be called comics. I’m pretty
    convinced that this is a term invented by the publishers
    so people wouldn’t be ashamed of reading comics. That
    way, when they’re in front of their friends, they don’t
    have to say “I’m reading a comic”; they could say, “I’m
    reading a graphic novel.” They would look much more
    interesting, of course. This differentiation is not made
    with movies. If you have a movie by John Houston or
    Spiderman, both are called fi lms. My work is a comic;
    therefore, I’ll talk about comics."

    Marjane Satrapi, the author of Persepolis.

    Can be found here:

  10. Graphic Novels are both high and low art at the same time as they should be as a medium.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Bryan Talbot's Alice in Sunderland. This brilliant, massive work started off as an exploration of Lewis Carroll's link to Sunderland and exploded into an examination of the art form itself. You should check it out.
    Hell with his Grandville coming out and with work such as Luther Arkwright, I'm surprised you haven't interviewed Talbot yet.

  11. It was a difficult issue because you've got your domestic audience in Scotland, and in the rest of the UK you've got an American audience feeling very sore and a Libyan audience whom you don't want to offend. It's easier to deal with these things in opposition when you can just grandstand knowing full well that in government you'd have to act quite differently."
    You did well in extracting that gem from the gentleman, Bryan. Tonight for the first time in years I will sleep soundly in bed knowing that if a member of my family is slaughtered by the next murderous Muslim on the scene then Peter will be lying in bed, wide awake, worrying about the murderous Muslims countrymen.

  12. Jimmy Corrigan looks great, but the narrative is very mediocre.

  13. I avoid Mandelson like the plague.

  14. I suppose that soon enough we'll be asked by Murdoch to pay up front to read your infrequent jottings. You starting to make Burleigh look like a Stakhanovite.

  15. Who's Ian Rankin? Very mysterious...was I supposed to follow the link... oh.

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