Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to the Past

I shall be on the Today programme at 8.40, I think, discussing the return of the seventies. Brilliantly, the producers have organised an overnight demonstration of this phenomenon.


  1. (At least) a decade too late! Or too easy.

  2. The West Ham scenes are infinitely depressing. It took years to take the game away from those witless, repulsive, brainless chavs, but bloody hell, they're still lurking in the sewers.

    I partly blame the fad for stupid films (Green Street, Football Factory etc) based on stupid books glorifying the scumbags.

  3. I would listen on iPlayer, if someone shows me how to successfully negotiate the infuriating thing.
    Not a bad word will I have spoken about the seventies, sartorially speaking it was no renaissance, for the Malty's it was a golden age, midway through we finally escaped from the home counties back to God's country, our number increased by two and the sun shone, it was only towards the end of the decade that finally the years of Labour mismanagement caught up with us.
    Even the winter of discontent was a bit of a giggle, unless you required the use of a hole in the ground of course.
    Musically it was, compared with the sixties, naff, the BBC hadn't yet become dominated by gormless prats and was a joy to behold. People, in general, were still reasonable and calm, towns were busy, not overcrowded and crime was not much of an issue. It was still possible to drive from Dover to Chamonix, without attracting the attention of the French plod. Yuppies and wannabes were a thing of the future as was AA Gill.
    Bring 'em back, the seventies rock.

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