Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dave Lull's Death Worm

Noting my interest in Mongolia, the incomparably associative librarian Dave Lull (Is a really a librarian or a strange emanation of the internet, some spontaneous leap into higher levels of complexity, an emergent librarian?) draws my attention to this loveable critter, the acid-spitting and lightning throwing Mongolian death worm. I'd like to believe in its existence and, in fact, I probably will when I find one in my bed tomorrow morning, courtesy of Apple public relations department.


  1. Dave Lull is the only man to have read every single page of the internet. As he reads a new page, he writes down the general topic and URL in a (large) notebook which he keeps by his computer. The end result of this endeavour will be the 'Encylopedia Internetica'. This will be published in ten trillion volumes and presented by President Obama as a gift to the first aliens we find, as the most accurate possible representation of the human condition. "Here you go Martian," he will say. "Read this clusterfuck and weep."

  2. five foot! should be easy to find.

    I don't know, I'm not convinced. I could believe the acid - or at a pinch the lightning - but lightning and acid? no.

  3. A little sad there isn't more interest in this fabulous creature. Like the unicorn, if it hadn't already been invented it would surely have to exist. And a couple of these in your garden would surely put paid to that urban menace: nocturnal feline visitors who leave their calling cards all over the place.