Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Catholics are Coming

Good grief! Benedict's cunning Rock Cakes are tapping up our boys! Now this is what Oik Nick should be getting upset about. It is, after all, a back-door attempt to drag us into the clutches of Europe. Today a few vicars, tomorrow rabid dogs, Silvio Berlusconi and smells and bells in all things. But, then again, I don't suppose Neckless Nick much likes the havering Anglos. A touch of the Vatican lash could be just the thing.


  1. What name will they be given, I wonder, Cathestants? Prodolicks?. Will they be described as finally returning to the fold, red robed figures lining the walls of the Vatican, brandishing images of Henry eight and chanting (in Latin, of course) "gotcha!!"
    Coachloads of Jesuits are, at this very moment, heading up the AI north of Paris, feverishly preparing plots, poring over plans of Buckingham Palace.
    The confessional awaits, everyone.

  2. Anglocaths?

    I like that photo of Papa Ben, he's either come up from a bowlful of steaming decongestant inhalant or he's rehearsing for trick or treat. The pope should be seen as just another normal guy.

  3. Pheasant crises and spitfires - you're right back in form, Bryan.

  4. vive el círculo escribió ...

    ¡Suene la campana mi dios!

  5. Given you have Rodrick Spode on the telly with Fink-Nottle and the Drones running the party. All in all you have deeper troubles than the Pope casting a fly here and there.