Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Katrina, Hezbollah and John Prescott

The reconstruction of South Lebanon - see here - by Hezbollah using Iranian money is, in fact, a better propaganda coup than even they realise. In the US, the inability of the government to react quickly to Hurricane Katrina is matched, in the UK, by the fabulous incompetence of this government - obviously John Prescott, but more ominously Gordon Brown - in pushing through any large public sector project successfully. From the Diana Memorial Death Trap in Hyde Park to New Orleans, the "coalition" seems less competent than its enemies. This is not a small point. They may be wrong, but they have an ethos and we don't.

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  1. Ethos yes - ain't that just the damned depressing truth? As Jeeves wld say, Rem acu tetigisti. Organisations like Hezbollah and Hamas have ethos all right, managing to combine terrorism with an opportunistic use of democratic systems and very effective, much appreciated welfare operations - what can an increasingly atomised society that believes in nothing much do against a package like that? Apart, of course, from backing the Israelis - who are not like us - to the hilt...