Monday, November 24, 2008

My Thoughts on the Pre-Budget Statement

What's happened to Alistair Darling's hair? It seems to have vanished. The crisis is taking its toll. He was already grey, baldness was all his scalp had left by way of protest at his workload.


  1. Yes, this crisis certainly seems to be sorting the baldies from the beardies. As Darling and doubtless others look increasingly wasted, so Broon grows more and more five-o'clock-shadow and hairy.

    Unless, that is, some of the Labour High Command have taken the precaution of having themselves tonsured in case The Plan backfires and they are forced to flee to a remote island monastery, like the renegades of old. Getting more into debt as a way of getting out of debt is certainly a novel idea.

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  2. Operation overload is rubbish, its official, even The BBC news doubts it, Gordon-Callaghan-Browns mate, N Robinson was not doing tongues with labour tonight.
    Are my sums wrong or what?
    Today = including VAT..£117.50
    Monday = including VAT £115.00
    Akin to attempting to knock out a KonigsTiger by farting at it.

    In any case you porridge scoffing, balding, caterpillar eyebrowed tosser, its out of your hands, its a recession, stupid.

    The bloke sitting next to you on the front bench looked like a nonce let loose in a nursery.

  3. Things are so bad, he can no longer afford hair loss treatment.

  4. Most loan sharks are baldies...20 billion loan, 40 billion back capital and interest, even those credit to anyone car deals dont have those sort of details.

  5. Nothing wrong with baldies, per se, but some baldies are more sinister than others -- Darling's morphing into one of them (see

  6. baldness was all his scalp had left by way of protest at his workload.

    Heh heh, a zinger, that one.

    I'm still up writing about the bugger's bloody announcements.

  7. I'd be happy for what's left of his thatch to stay, and for what's underneath it to disappear