Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pym, Hampden and Damian Green

And, of course, the death of newspapers is a threat to democracy. I don't like to say things like that because there are certain people who squeal about the death of democracy every other day. Blair took a lot of flak from them. But, on the whole, I thought that, under Blair, Mandelson and Campbell would always be contained by a certain sinuous irony in their boss. Brown, Mandelson and Campbell, however, appear to be a different matter. I don't believe the denials, the arrest of Damian Green is a nasty and sinister set-up. Cameron is right to jump on this. It is not hyperbole to evoke 4th January 1642 when Charles 1st entered the House of Commons to seize his opponents and thereby precipitated the Civil War. Brown is a dangerous man.


  1. Even Britain's most Dangerous woman, Salami Chuck-a-Butty was kind of sympathetic, as best she could, it was a Tory after all.
    I suppose we could just say, well pigs grunt, don't they.
    Smith grunted on BBC news, a lying grunt of course.
    We would never describe the labour front bench as pigs would we ? the animals do perform a usefull function after all.
    The ones we don't describe as pigs perform attrition.
    Even the Guardian was 1% sympathetic, a record.

  2. If fat Jackie knew about DG arrest, we are heading to be a authoritarian state, if fat Jackie did not know, we are heading to be a police state.

    ZaNuLabour will do anything they can get away with to hold on the power. The whole thing stinks.

  3. "Brown is a dangerous man"

    Of course. But please stop this Tony Blair love in -"Whatever you think about Tony, he would never bla bla". The guy was a megalomaniac scumbucket. The Country, parliament and the press were dealt with total contempt. Nu Lab behaved like Mafia dons under Blair. It says a lot about British scruples that we now hand shandy him for it.

  4. Brown?

    Dangerous, possibly, culpable, certainly. But infinitely preferable to the appalling insincerity and hypocrisy of that wimp Tony Blair, whose ill-omened influence is still evident in all fields. How this once noble nation could ever permit itself to be buggered and sodomized by that henpecked manipulator and narcissist impostor, remains a total mystery to me…

    …and I mean this in the nicest possible way!

  5. Brown strikes me as dangerous because he doesn't seem to have any concept of national interest or things - like democracy - that go beyond party politics. He is a party, machine politician who cannot see the bigger picture. Those weird smiles of his that were remarked on earlier in the week were, on reflection, the smiles of a man who has just gained some vicious advantage over the opposition rather than pulling off a manoeuvre to save GB plc. I think you're right to say this spells trouble if it signals that Labour will try to hang onto power using methods we normally associate with Mugabe or some crazy general.