Sunday, April 09, 2006

China and the Drifts

The Chinese goverment has introduced controls to stop people playing computer games for more than three hours - see here.
I have no interest in big games for people called "Gamers" or, occasionally, "Hard-Core Gamers", but I am vulnerable to simple ones like Tetris and Collapse. Addictive and clever, they allow you to get better but you can always lose suddenly. And so you play again. And again. I have removed all games from my computer but I cannot get rid of the online ones. Wired magazine - the bastards - pointed me to Drifts, I'm not giving you the address. I spent an hour on it, acquired a stabbing pain in my side and a score of 74 The list of high scorers includes one Yeolcoatl who scored 5704. Bring on the Chinese cyber-cops.


  1. Hey! wow! I've been blogged about! I guess that means I've reached some sort of level of internet fame. I really don't think I spent 3 hours getting my 5704 score, though. =]

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