Thursday, April 06, 2006

Katie Couric

Katie Couric is to follow Dan Rather as the new CBS anchorman. She leaves the NBC breakfast show. I have an unhealthy obsession with this woman - not erotic and certainly not as bad as this guy - but something to do with what an extraordinary confection she is. Baby-faced, giggly, cute in the way only American women can be, obsessed with colon cancer (see the above site)and, in spite of all that, probably the greatest TV journalist in the world. Having woken with jet lag, I lie in American hotel beds watching and wondering. She'll giggle her way through some light item and then slice open a real story with frightening precision. The only time I ever saw her defeated by an interviewee was when she went to see Philip Roth. Understandable. Our own Kirsty Young agrees with me on all this. We don't produce TV journalists like that, we certainly don't produce women TV journalists like that and, as for our breakfast shows, well words fail me. It may be a class thing - you either giggle (lower class) or harangue politicians (upper class) but you're not allowed to do both. But I suspect the truth is we don't have that awesome American professional toughness. In fact, thinking about it, I have just realised why I'm obsessed with Katie. She IS America.
Perhaps that is why she gets involved in weird religious disputes.


  1. Yes - hilarious, isn't it, when our own stumblebum interviewers take on an American - virtually any American. Invariably they are awesomely smart, admirably polite and totally in command of their subject. And yet 'we' somehow persist in seeing Americans as arrogant imbeciles. This is surely a product of a specifically Western European pathology - part of a collective deathwish probably...
    Still, never mind eh?

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