Thursday, July 13, 2006

Halitosis: the Challenge to Darwinism

One of the best arguments against Darwinian evolution is the inept design of the human body. When it comes to the primary Darwinian requirements of survival and reproduction, the body is, in Ray Kurzweil's words, "dramatically sub-optimal", or, in the curious words of our sensitive and learned Home Secretary, "not fit for purpose." How can this be after the millions of years of painstaking tinkering by natural selection that we are assured brought us to our present condition/predicament? Take halitosis. Nature could have devised no more effective contraceptive and yet everybody suffers from it some of the time and some people suffer from it all of the time. Martin Amis aptly called the most acute form "ray-gun halitosis." Anyway, there is one solution - here - note that this overcomes one of nature's further perversities, the fact that it is very difficult to tell if one does have bad breath until it is too late. Pick the bones out of that, Clinton Richard Dawkins.


  1. Well, it's hardly evidence in favour of a benevolent, omniscient, omnipotent creator either, is it? In fact, most evidence clearly points to the existence of a malicious, or at best, negligent, creator. It is difficult to gainsay the wisdom of the great Vin Diesel here, who speaks for many of us in Pitch Black when he says to the Imam:

    "Got it all wrong, Holy Man. I absolutely believe in God....and I absolutely hate the f**ker!"

  2. Well, Gordon, far be it from me to challenge the mighty intellect of Vin, but I thought the Christians had that base covered with original sin. Or maybe not