Sunday, July 02, 2006

Yvette Cooper Thinks You Are An Idiot

The time has come to anathematize Yvette Cooper and not simply because she is a supporter of Gordon Brown and married to supreme Brownie Ed Balls. No, the reason she must be subjected to our scorn is her cynicism and contempt for the electorate. A story emerged that there was some ancient planning law that flags could only be flown with the staff vertical. Most of the crosses of St George decorating the country in a desperate attempt to raise the playing standards of our dismal proletarian football team were, therefore, illegal. Step forward Yvette Cooper to announce she would be encouraging councils not to prosecute. No councils appear to have attempted to do so; none have even shown any awareness of this law. The story was a laughable, condescending concoction, probably by Ms Cooper's department, to make her appear to be on the side of the people. She thinks, in short, you are idiots. She's certainly right about the tame hacks who ran with this bullshit. But how can apparently intelligent people spend their lives doing this kind of thing? Mind you, I myself have unearthed an even more ancient law stipulating that supporters of any attempt to install vengeful, bad tempered Scots in the government of Britain shall be pelted with hub caps while tethered to a special pole in the nearest branch of Kwik Fit.


  1. Too true, but the thing is that this entire government thinks we're idiots - and, tragically, they're right. Thanks to the wonders of state 'education' (characterised, as we know, by the best teachers and the best pupils the world has ever known), the population at large is now fast becoming wholly moronised and infantilised. Blair and co. (and Dave C, it seems) have twigged that in these circs, all that matters is to keep the electorate's pleasure centres mildly stimulated and Bob's(or Gordon's) yr uncle. This is why the only thing that can now bring about a change of government (whatever the government) is an economic downturn that can be felt in the pockets of the people. Depressing - but then I am just back from a holiday...

  2. And I've just realised what's going to do it (bring down this government, that is) - the Home Information Pack, due to be enforced on all house sellers next year. This will paralyse the housing market, lower house prices and thereby spark not only a recession but a loss of the last comfortable illusion of growing prosperity (in despite of Gordon's depredations). That should do the trick - and,I need hardly add, about bloody time.