Saturday, August 19, 2006

Paris Hilton Meets Jeffrey Archer

I am troubled that the last post on the great Jeffrey Archer's blog is dated July 31st. Has he stopped/run out of ideas (impossible!)/gone to a better place? Closer reading, however, suggests my alarm may be misplaced as he tells us "once I've let go of the manuscript, Mary and I are going on holiday, so no more blogs until I return." Phew! Meanwhile, my admiration for that other contemporary icon Paris Hilton (see below) has taken a knock. She is reported - here - as saying she "doesn't like the taste of alcohol. It grosses me out." The tequila shots she is seen drinking are actually water. As I say below in The Politics of Alcohol, certain people become a lot more intelligent after a drink or two so it may be that we will not see the best of teetotal Paris until she overcomes her revulsion - an amazing thought. Anyway, as Snakes on a Plane seems to have started out as a blog post, here's another high concept blockbuster gross-out for next summer. Stuck in a Lift with Jeffrey Archer and Paris Hilton. I see it as Apocalypse Now for the celeb generation - the horror,the horror. Sadly, Lift would have to be changed to Elevator for the US audience. But I am no prima donna and I am sure the essential integrity of the theme would be preserved.
(Incidentally, I have just found an article I wrote for The Independent in 1995 about Archer. I thought it was lost. It is a disgraceful attack on the great man. I was young. See Selected Articles.)

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