Friday, January 02, 2009

The Comical Demise of Lady Anne

Laugh off the recession with this, a Telegraph obituary. It is the funniest thing you will read this year.


  1. She sounds fantastic. We need more people like this.

  2. bloody cloggies, coming over here taking our land!

    chopper! ha, ha, yes, my lady, he is known thus because he resides in a wooden house not, alas, because he is hung like ones proverbial horse. his trousers are baggy merely to dispose of the spoil from endless tunnelling...

  3. The buggers aren't popping their clogs fast enough, bloody aristo's, bring back the tumbrels

    Happy new year Bryan, slayer of peasants.

  4. So she was a gruff gel, according to the QM, though I guess her relatives are hoping not too gruff when it comes to the Will. As it "The donkey sanctuary gets it all don't yer know". Happy New Year everyone.