Friday, January 02, 2009

The Fatness of Others

'We want families to engage with the campaign and understand that obesity is not someone else's problem.'  - Dawn Primarolo.
'Yes it is.' - Bryan 'Invisible from the Side' Appleyard


  1. Primarolo? Oh dear... those poor fatties.

  2. Yeah ok, ok, you smug bastard. I ought to deliver Pinter's kick in the balls for this post - it was his dying wish after all. Some of us have got months of crucifying ourselves in an overcrowded gym to look forward to now.

    Happy New Year though, Bryan.

  3. Gwyneth wouldn't write something like that, not even with irony. She'd write something like this... Tip for keeping an exercise regime on track: set a number of sessions to be completed in a set number of days. Eg: so many per week, or one session every so many days (every other day works well if you're very keen). Doesn't matter what days you do your sessions but you must do them, or else (you can do more if you wish but pace yourself). I think what exercise it is matters less than just doing it, forming new habits. Making a chart you can fill in might help. It's not quite the de Vany approach - intense bursts of fun exercise whenever the mood takes - which I think might suit a Californian climate better than ours. This is not parody and I am not a robot. Too pretty.

  4. Borders is the place to go if you want to lose weight at the moment. I looked in the window earlier today and saw that Dawn French had lost about eight pounds, and just in one morning! Julie Walters, Jeremy Clarkson and "Parky" had all lost plenty of pounds as well.