Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Good Recession

In The Sunday Times I consider what good might come out of the recession. Readers of this blog will be unsurprised that I am most excited by the prospect of being able to return to the Mirabelle.

PS In fact, having now got the dead tree edition, I discover I also have an article in Culture on the new National Theatre production of Tom Stoppard's marvellous Every Good Boy Deserves Favour. It's a bloody good piece but, mysteriously, it does not seem to be on the web site. Where are the cyberwonks when you need them?


  1. I've gone back to buying the dead tree version on a Sunday since I started reading your blog. You can mention that to them when negotiating your fees if you like. De nada.

  2. Bryan sweetie, Frau Malty, after reading page 12, begs that I ask you one or two pertinents, "this recession, will it mean, as our contribution to it, laying off Marlene from Manila and spending hours at the ironing board". Also "did he really interview a bloke called Ruhm", and "this cheapo lapthingey, does it mean they will, like yours truly, have to learn to use the command line and end up in tears", I suggested that this was a case of don't do as I do, do as I say as BA was a Jobite through and through and wouldn't even be seen dead using Ubuntu.
    She thought it and the one about Stoppard were jolly good articles and particularly liked the bit about footie getting its comeuppance.

  3. Good on ya, Brit. And Malty:
    1)Hours at the ironing board no. The crumpled look will return.
    2)Ruhm exists I spoke to him
    3)No command lines. Happy to use Ubuntu myself.
    4)Thanks, Mrs Malty

  4. Bad news Bryan, the new Aspire One is XP only, 10 inch screen, bluetooth and 3G are also on board.
    250 of our credit crunched devalued brown pounds minimum I am told...but they have sorted the strange touchpad out apparently.