Saturday, November 11, 2006

Terrorism 2: Kylie's Bum

Kylie Minogue is to return to the stage following her treatment for breast cancer. I wrote about Kylie in the wake of 9/11, my point being that there was something about her that seemed to represent sexy fun at its most innocent and free. As such, of course, it was an affront to the murderous austerity of terrorism. In particular, I drew attention to the profound significance of Kylie's bum - ass, for my American readers. Subsequently, everybody followed this with learned disquisitions on this wonder of nature. I even spent half an hour recording my thoughts about this bum/ass for a TV documentary on Kylie. Doubtless, Kylie's real sex life has been as chaotic as anybody else's, but, in her public persona, she represents a kind of dream of sex as simple fun, as a force that does not threaten happiness and stability. And it IS a dream, of course, but a useful one when nightmares threaten.


  1. Sorry to taint the beautiful bum with some seriousnes but I'd have to put a somewhat different slant on this kind of issue.
    "In 1975, the Trilateral Commission, published a study entitled The Crisis of Democracy, which interprets public participation in decision-making as a threat to democracy, one that must be contained if elite domination is to persist unhindered by popular demands. The population must be reduced to apathy and conformism if “democracy,” as interpreted by this contingent, is to be kept workable and allowed to survive."

    The Trilateral Comission an offshooot of the Council on Foreign Relations, again headed by David Rockefeller and with the stated desire for a world state, and with members comprising of extremely powerful people across the political, financial, media and related fields. And naturally almost totally ignored by the media which such people own.
    If one were a kind of diabolical intelligence bent on reducing the population to a kind of confused imbecility a good way to go about it would be to drown them in information about terror, fear, etc and then the next minute..."And now for Kylie's bum/football/Come Dancing etc." The grateful consciousness dives into the comforting arms of the idiot world of salvation on offer. Anyone familiar with Brave New World should recognise the kind of results in terms of a harmless and servile population. If we have the intellectual honesty to take these people at their word and realise that they are actively bringing this world state into place, then we sould be able to start to see why this terrorism and the war thereon is happening.

  2. ...drew attention to the profound significance of Kylie's bum - ass, for my American readers...

    My girl over here has one to make Kylie weep and make the blind regain their sight.

  3. I am unfit to judge a female's rear end (though, boy, does Hugh Grant have a cute one), but I do see something in your post that intrigues me more: Sex as the antidote to death and terror.

    What do you suppose is the #1 activity of people who have just returned from a funeral? Why, having sex of course!

  4. Oddly enough, Susan, I did just come back from a funeral. The effect on me, however, was a fascination with babies. Same thing I suppose.

  5. I quite like the image of you with a baby, Bryan. Very sweet -- I can perfectly picture a soft, fuzzy baby head juxtaposed with your craggy face. Do you always know just what to say to make women like you? Hmmm?

  6. Susan, behave. I like craggy though. The reality os closer to puffy.

  7. I love that phrase "the murderous austerity of terrorism." Ain't that the thing of it?

    Kylie is indeed very sweet, & fun, though half the size of a real person. James, my bum was probably the same size as hers when I was seven.

    Bryan, sorry to firebomb your blog with comments! I'm just reading it, and I like it.

  8. Firebomb away, Ms Baroque, I like it. And poetry is good for me.

  9. This is the most unexpected discussion of a woman's ass -- bum for you British readers -- since a journal article I read about Jennifer Lopez's few years ago. The author was a sociologist, I believe, and I think she called JLo's ass a cultural signifier.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder is More Fun Away from Home"