Friday, November 24, 2006

To All Commenters

I have just discovered that some comments have gone astray. Blame this new Blogger software which promised me greater stability, at the price, seemingly, of lost comments. So, if you have left comments and they have not appeared, email me. They have not been censored. The only comments I don't publish are ones that contain potential libels for which I could take the hit.


  1. Don't know what the law is like in the UK, but worries about comments causing bloggers trouble might be a thing of the past.

    California Supreme Court Protects Bloggers From Libelous Comments

  2. I thought I might have been censored too because one of my comments didn't appear - but I think what happened is that my word verification was not accepted (even though it was right, I swear). I think it is a glitch with beta blogger.

    I find that sometimes I have to have three goes before a message at the top of the window tells me my comment has been accepted. If I don't wait and make sure this has happened the comment is not accepted.

    Sorry, I'm sure this could have been put more technically and more beautifully!

  3. I despise captchas/word verifications. They might work most of the time but even for someone who isn't vision impaired, they're often impossible to decipher. Not to mention those times when I'm in a hurry and type a g instead of a q and vice versa.