Tuesday, July 14, 2009

George & Lynne....?

Busy work has been getting in the way of blogging. But anyway.... A cult has formed around the George & Lynne cartoon strip in The Sun. It seems to be unsigned but afficionados know perfectly well that it is composed by Tristan Tzara, dadaist and writer of the immortal line 'Les cloches sonnent sans raison et nous aussi'. (Tristan, needless to say, is no more dead than Elvis.) They know this because of the masterly display of anti-meaning in George & Lynne. Emails are exchanged daily between cultists speculating about the semiotics of George, the dasein of Lynne. Some struggle desperately just to make sense of the apparent meaning, the proximate cause of this festival of unreason being a cartoon strip in The Sun. Leading this latter school of critics is one Hughesie, Man of Letters. Daily his blog meditates on the mystery that is George & Lynne. Go there at once. It is the very hub of our contemporary predicament.


  1. I found the blog a touch too literal for my tastes. My tastes, being of the non-literal variety, were somewhat at odds with the tastes of the blog. Indeed, the blog displayed tastes that were not my own. But this is the nature of blogs and bloggers. One blogger might have very literal tastes. Another might have non-literal tastes.

    This reply is based on the assumption that you were not being ironic when you suggested I visit the blog. This is the kind of comment people like me leave on blogs.

  2. Thanks, Uncle, I feel better already. Sorry about the show.

  3. Well what the hell does this have to do with Ricky Ponting?

    Mr GeorgeandLynne has no commenters. I'll go and plague him when I can be arsed. I should get a medal.

  4. And I really thought Tzara was a character invented by Tom Stoppard in "Travesties." That would have been very Dadaesque if he had been. And who's to say anyone is real who no longer has DNA around and available to be tested?

  5. I always feel that the fluid yet very typical Dadaesque ellipsis where meaning abuts onto anti-meaning is somehow conjoined with omission, abstraction, and artificiality qua artificiality. It is rare to find something expressing anti-meaning so fully. It reminds me of a poem of mine, which by coincidence I dedicated to dear Tom Stoppard, whose first stanza ran:

    Molten cheese dripping from a carbuncular sky,
    Weeping lizards and men with hairy clock faces,
    None of whom know their way to Stalybridge.
    Beneath the cryptic bridge with alligator clip ties
    A morose anchovy salesman, broken about the knees,
    Holds up the variegated nozzle to a Czechoslovakian hose
    (Three eights diameter, not an inch over a whistler’s thumb)
    And wonders if it will ever pump muesli again into Bratislava.

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