Saturday, July 18, 2009

Henry Allingham

Henry Allingham is dead. I like formula for a long life - 'cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women - and a good sense of humour.' Apart from the women and the humour it's not true, but, of course, the significance of the remark is that there is no such formula, it's all chance so just live.


  1. Too long for the side of a bus.

  2. that list of world events since 1896, I wonder if Mr. Allingham ever got over the death of Elvis. They should have just listed all the major wars...

  3. ...but I guess that's that zeitgeist you're telling me about.

  4. It seems the moon walkers have all about made it to their 80s.

    Out of the 12 you can only say one has died prematurely, if 69 is premature?

    Maybe its the thrill factor thats the all important ingredient?

    Personally I will be giving Rapamycin a go.

  5. Good women can extend life but bad women surely curtail it.

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