Saturday, November 01, 2008

Death and cricket

posted by Brit in Bryan's absence

With the BBC reporting solely on itself these days, we must look elsewhere for our news. A few minutes of browsing and I find the biggie: Gloucestershire CCC are installing a new drainage and irrigation system to the outfield at Bristol. Check out the full, mind-blowing details here.

Meanwhile, staying with cricket, the tawdry Stanford debacle will finally draw to an end tonight with the stupid $20 million game. Kevin Pietersen will be relieved it's all over (interesting man, Pietersen. Despite often looking like a prat and being the first cricketer with a clearly identifiable WAG, his work ethic and captaincy capabilities are undeniable).

Cricket, for the benefit of Americans and/or ignoramuses, is the best game in the world because batting is the closest sporting metaphor for the human condition, where the shadow of death, or being out, looms large over every player. Cricketers understand about death. Perhaps there would be fewer transhumans (or 'trannies' as they prefer not to be called) about if the US took up the game. Funnily enough, promoting cricket to the Yanks is one of Stanford's key pointless goals, so maybe we should cut him some slack, the big, crass, egotistical jerk.


  1. Its all the fault of that convict islander Packer,

  2. Wow, the blog still needs the attention of an experienced technician, here's the rest..
    , he started it all, in two years time cricket will have its own Gazza, Barton, Keegan, Ferguson etc, think of the thrill.
    Brit, after yesterdays Great Wakering debacle we have visions of you heading for the smallest sitzplatz in the house, all three volumes of remembrance of things past under one arm and last Wednesdays copy of the Guardian under the other.

  3. For FOL Malty no one reads the Groan, its a lifestyle thing for "progressive" students and "non-progressives" like me,to sling under their arm to signal to the female student type that you are not going to exploit them by getting them to go to bed with you.

    Then if you are really clever you introduce them to Marx and his society of women, and then when you hop to the next minx, they welcome you back with open arms, as they now understand that polygamy is just a power tool of the ruling class elite.

    Happy days.

  4. As a Yorkshire man, where cricket is a religion,all i can say is southerners should give up cricket as the England team only do well when there is a core group of us northerners to give it back to the Aussies ect. This is becasue southerners dont take cricket seriously enough. I mean look at that Marcus whatshisname?

  5. How is it that people get paid for playing games? Is it all the money that the IMF has lost?

  6. I gather 'England' didn't do terribly well. That'll larn 'em....