Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama 2: World's smallest bounce

posted by Brit

From today's Guardian comes this magnificent line: Shares slumped in London this morning, tracking Asia and Wall Street lower, as the "Barack bounce" proved short-lived...

Meanwhile in The Times, Anatole Kaletsy argues that America is no longer conservative (blah de blah) and the Fink gives us four reasons why America has changed. My view is, well yeeeees, but why must we always rush to define and redefine America? First, 46% voted for McCain despite the economy and Palin and Iraq and the rest of it, and second, don't forget the rule that whatever you try to say about America, the opposite is also true.

As ever, The Onion provides the best analysis (beware the last line if you're at work and loud guffawing is a problem).


  1. Hilarious, and the Onions Bush cartoon is a rib breaker.
    We avoided the BBC news last night, can't stand the triumphalism, and watched C4 noos. They appeared to be indulging in a spot of group masturbation, believe it or not, Obama's black.
    The media hasn't enjoyed itself so much since that posh bird in an S Klasse bounced off a Paris pillar.

  2. As Winston Churchill put it himself said "Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilites”

  3. It's possible that somewhere, someone knows exactly why the market does what it does. I always picture her in a white room, stroking a white cat, looking out at a snow covered Alp.

    One thing is certain: she doesn't write for the Guardian.