Sunday, November 02, 2008

Read Bryan

posted by Brit

When, with well-rehearsed nonchalance, I boasted to my friends that I would be manning Bryan Appleyard's blog for a bit, their faces lit up with a mixture of wonder, admiration and envy. This waned somewhat when it became clear that I wasn't talking about the British Buddhist Society bloke, but they perked up again when I explained that Bryan writes most of The Sunday Times. They'd heard of that.

Anyway, Bryan's at it again, this time conducting a rare interview with Rowan Atkinson.

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  1. Ah, Atkinson, the face on the back of a million aircraft seats. I wonder if he's the first Geordie Bryan has interviewed. Mr Bean is slightly less funny that Jimmy Carr, who is slightly funnier than Graham Norton who is much funnier than David Walliams who is funnier than setting cement which is a lot funnier than that ex doctor bloke who is marginally funnier than Mrs Prescott, the new Elsie Tanner who is dead yet still much funnier than Harry Enfield who is not in the least funny, I digress.
    Strange looking word, funnier, doesn't look right, hang on while I check it's spelling, that's funny it is right.