Friday, November 07, 2008

Obama 3: The flippening

posted by Brit

Real belly-laughs to be had here, as Republican bloggers, their brains quite scrambled by disappointment, find some footage in which they allege Obama flips McCain the bird during a speech.

To what ultimate end or purpose Obama might choose to embellish what are supposed to be epic, history-making addresses with such childish gestures, the bloggers do not tell. The po-faced comments are a joy.


  1. "This man does not deserve to work in the same office where great men like Ronald Reagan worked."

    An entire vineyard of sour grapes.

  2. Wow, that is pathetic.

    Shows you what kind of shit goes around on the Internet.

  3. Too much ideological argument and a campaign that went on way, way too long led to a kind of corollory of Godwin's Law. You could see the fissures and demonizations on both sides unfolding day by day. A month is more than enough for healthy democracy.

  4. I like the OP's comment:

    "There used to be a time when presidential candidates would be very careful to avoid offensive gestures like this."

    Of course, he's quite right. Politics just can't be taken seriously any more if people aren't bothered to do simple things like monitor their every bodily gesture in case it ends up being analysed by bloggers.