Thursday, December 03, 2009

Manchester City - the Zen Team

I honestly thought I had cracked my team's tactics - keep drawing, at least you're not losing. It's the sort of thing City would do as it represents a characteristically perverse change from their ancient tactics of keep losing and then suddenly win by a freakishly large margin. But then they do this. There's always been a Zen quality about City supporters. They know the pursuit of meaning and purpose is largely futile. It gives a kind of peace.


  1. I share an office with a City season ticket holder whose ability to stay silent for long hours is akin to a form of autism. He loves only two things in life: Manchester City and his spreadsheets. Whenever City lose, he seems utterly contented. But when they win, he walks around the office muttering under his breath and making barely veiled threats to anybody who approaches him.

    This morning has been grim.

  2. You missed a good opportunity for an old gag there, Willard. ie.

    "Whenever City lose, he seems utterly contented."
    "So what does he do when they win?"
    "Dunno, I've only worked with him for two years."

    Baboom tish.

  3. You jus wait till us canaries get back up there, we'll kick you sorry arses, yeah.


    Be afraid, be very afraid .....

  4. LOL, Brit. That's so cruel I won't repeat it to him more than five times this afternoon.

  5. The famously unpredictable City may be getting into the habit of doing something nobody ever predicted - winning. However, I was delighted to see them upstage the graceless imposter Wenger and his french North London team.

  6. traherne, by the time the canaries get back up there the blue whales will have gone full circle and be singing like the Bee Gees!

  7. Scummer! (shakes fist (from safe distance)).

  8. Go on Bryan - didn't know you were a bluenose!