Monday, December 14, 2009

Two Good Things

Thanks, Frank, for this clip of the sublime Jacques Brel on fear. Only a Belgian could so thoroughly out-French the French. Then there is this - the perfect scam. At last it feels like Christmas.


  1. re Mile for Nothing...When I first read this, I challenged the journalist over whether American Airlines would actually grant somebody elite status just for miles obtained by credit card, and he assured me that they did. For a company that lives by its marketing wits, that seems a dumb thing to do.

  2. First Jacques Brel song I ever heard (knowingly) was "Next" by SAHB; Harvey must be one of the few people with the equipment to do the song justice. Even in translation the black comedy of the lyrics shook me by the ears.
    It's odd how chance sets you along this path or that. The Doors first album aroused my curiosity in William Blake & Bertolt Brecht. I waded through the whole of "A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu" because of a Python sketch. I did skip the chapters on Heraldry though.

    Life, like history (according to Rudge in "The History Boys") is just one fucking thing after another.