Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Beer Belly

All you internet shoppers (Nige) go here at once. An artificial beer belly that actually contains beer! This could change everything.


  1. What possible combination of search criteria results in a link to an artificial beer belly. What on earth were you looking for? (incidentally 313,000 hits...)

  2. David,
    I cannot reveal the deepest secrets of the blogger's trade.

  3. Oh ho ho. What a fine idea. The more you drink, the more weight you appear to be losing. Top hole. I wonder if they do a wine version? Yours, Prof Quincy Adams Wagstaff

  4. Professor,
    Good to hear from you again and trust you to note the seemingly paradoxical behaviour of your belly under the circumstances. Perhaps the wine version could be under your shoes so that you appeared to grow both drunker and shorter.

  5. Ah yes, a great acquaintance of mine, Dr H. Hackenbush (I believe you may have encountered him?) would benefit immensely if I were to don such a gadget - by creating the impression that one is diminishing in both height and width, while simultaneously growing increasingly unsteady on one's feet, the onlooker will feel drunk before they actually are, thus making them a.) a cheap date and b.) allowing them to wake up without a hangover. Perhaps yourself and Big Nige could have a trial run?
    Yours, Prof Quincy Adams Wagstaff