Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Not the End of the World

I observe with some disappointment that the world did not end yesterday. It was, you see, the date of The Beast - 6.6.06. But, it seems, there is still hope - here .


  1. There is indeed hope... the prospect of the end of the world brought some light to our family. In our efforts to persuade our young, quite terrified, son that the world was not going to end we brushed up our knowledge of the Julian and Gregorian calenders to show him that the date was simply wrong... He is now going around telling everybody at school how we arrived at our calendar..

  2. This depresses me. I went to school with someone who did not go on to do A levels due to his (parents') conviction that the world would end in 1974,6,8 ...

    And how do you know it hasn't already started anyhow? As per previous posting on quantum critical phase transitions, it may be heading towards even as we blog (I've never seen a conjugation of this - most new greek verbs suffer from this same intransigence too - my favourite is to yoghurt - a popular political activity but undistinguished by race, gender or plurality).

  3. That last bit of course was utter rot. Most new borrowed nouns are neuter. I knew that. I have a certificate.