Wednesday, June 21, 2006

David Cameron's Paul Smith Suit

I can exclusively reveal that David Cameron was wearing a Paul Smith suit at the News International reception on Monday night. I can exclusively reveal this because I asked him and, being good sport that he is, he told me. I had expected it to be Richard James, not because I know much about these things, but because everybody keeps talking about Richard James suits. Defensively, Bikin' Dave told me he did have a suit by Timothy Everest which cost 'an arm and a leg'. The suit, it is has struck me many times recently, is in a state of turmoil. At events over the past year or so I have seen Charlie Sheen, Joaquin Phoenix and Prince Charles in suits so awful that I was lost for words. Charles's lightweight number was especially dreadful, apparently made of soft tinfoil painted with dark, irridescent lines. It looked like a hallucination. How his tailor must have laughed. Anyway, I'm seeing Richard James tomorrow so I shall bring up the matter of the great Suit Crisis. A lot of other things happened at the News Int do, of course, but, well, you know......


  1. Well if only everybody got their suits on eBay this problem wld cease to exist. In the pressured and frankly unpleasant environment of a shop, when all you want to do is buy something and get out, you might end up with anything - and very often regret it - whereas eBay allows ample scope for reflection and filtering out of the substandard. And some people make out that eBay shopping is asking for trouble, an invitation to impulse buy rubbish etc. To them I say - Phooey! My wardrobe has improved exponentially (from a low base admittedly) since I discovered eBay. As has, needless to say, my life.

  2. I can exclusively reveal that leading London literary agent, Patrick Janson-Smith, and popular balladeer and political agitator, Billy Bragg, were both wearing Old Town linen suits at Wednesday night's celebrations at The Orangery, Holland Park, for Bantam Press's 21st Anniversary.

  3. Ah, Old Town, the fine, bespoke clothier of Holt, North Norfolk. Do you, Grabber, by any chance also have some of their wares? I do.