Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Glimpse into Another World

One oddity of the internet is that it discriminates in favour of people with unusual names. Bryan Appleyard being a slightly strange handle, I can google myself more effectively than poor John Smith. Lately, I have been noticing one Mark Appleyard in the listings. Curious, I went to far as to discover he has an entry in Wikipedia. Here it is:
"Mark Appleyard (born on November 11, 1982, in Burlington, Ontario) is a Canadian professional skateboarder. He currently resides in Huntington Beach, California. He is 6 feet 1 inch, approximately 160 pounds, and his skateboarding stance is goofy. He began skateboarding at the age of 11, and grew up skating Hamilton's Beasley Bowl, while also eventually hitting the streets of Toronto, with other skaters such as Ryan Allan, Jay Revelle, and Scott Pommier. He has sinced progressed to one of the sport's elite.He was Thrasher magazine's skateboarder of the year in 2003[1] and various honours from Transworld Skateboarding magazine from 2002 to 2004[2]. He has acquired a reputation as one of the most technically advanced skaters of today. His tricks are insane, and his consistency is considered unrivaled. His laidback style is reminiscent of Paul Rodriguez Jr.'s, though taking it to handrails with flip in/flip out tricks and doing tricks in switch stance (Using his back foot forward).His sponsors are Flip Skateboards, Globe Shoes, Volcom Clothing and Active Mailorder. He has starred in the Flip Skateboards videos "Sorry" and "Really Sorry", and numerous Transworld Skateboarding videos."
I don't know what any of this means, the words "goofy" and "insane" being especially problematic.


  1. He might like to return the favour...

  2. I am now being stalked by the skateboarder. Google news alerts have taken to informing me of his achievements and, on Technorati, I hear of his blog entries. On the bright side I am now top of my own Google search and above the Wanker and Chief Cultural critic guy - see below.

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