Sunday, December 10, 2006

Go With Gordon

One of my most loyal and erudite commenters has been inspired to set up his own blog. Yes, it is none other than the great Gordon McCabe, physicist and philosopher. Visit his blog now and regularly, it is called McCabism.


  1. Go Gordon! I have loved your insightful comments here and I shall certainly visit your blog, though I probably won't understand a thing. I have noticed, however, that your heart is as big as your brain, and that is a very rare gift, and the real reason I'll be dropping in.

  2. Well, I'm truly flattered! Thankyou Bryan and Susan for those kind comments! And it's so nice to see a headline like 'Go With Gordon' that, for once, doesn't allude to the prudent Mr Brown.

  3. Good luck Gordon. I have visited your blog and found it really interesting. Plus, you use the same 'look' as me, so we must have more than just being fellow readers here in common!