Friday, December 22, 2006

The Seven Best Things I Did This Year

Oh dear, Iain Dale has engaged me in another blog meme (Bleme? Mog?). So, in the best spirit of the season and of bloggery in general, here goes.
1)Upset Manchester United.
2)Upset management consultants.
3)Had a jovial conversation with Charles Clarke about how much we disliked each other at Cambridge.
4)Discovered that Alexander Waugh is as funny and charming as his father Auberon.
5)Finished my book.
6)Started a blog.
7)Read Marilynne Robinson.

PS: Ah must tag seven others, not sure how this works, but:
Frank Wilson, Jeffrey Archer, Newscoma, Maxine, Jacob P.Murgatroid, Daniel Finkelstein, Stanley Fish.


  1. And, incidentally,Iain, 'Met Cliff Richard'! Really?

  2. Really! And you are now supposed to tag 7 others!

  3. Hey, one of the good things that happened to me this year was discovering three blogs: Yours, Maxine's, and Frank Wilson's.

    Sadly, several of my last posts here have not appeared. I think it's cause my hard-drive at home is melting....Maybe this one will work 'cause our work computers *have* to be functional!

    Erg. Stanley Fish. Knew him in my grad school days at Columbia. He dropped in for a year to talk about Milton. Very smart, not very likable.

  4. Why seven? Just wondered? By the way, has FIS compiled a list of the seven biggest failures of the year? Is FIS itself a success story of sorts? Although, fittingly, it didn't make your list Bryan. Ah well. Perhaps an awards ceremony to honour the cream of the crap, so to speak, would be appropriate.

  5. Sir,

    It was an honour to be memed in the first place and doubly so to find myself placed in yoke alongside my good friend Lord Archer. It is a fine thing you do: popularising the names of we men of high Tory principles. I’m sure there’s a drink in it for you at some point, though the clasp on dear Jeffrey’s money-belt has been a little bit of late. I’ve not had a drink out the poor fellow since before Belmarsh.

    In the meantime, may I wish you all the merry best for this festive season we are no longer allowed to name and may we both wish for a New Year full of unceasing antagonism towards the Red Devils.

    I remain, your loyal reader,

    The Hon. Jacob P. Murgatroid

  6. Susan, if your comments don't appear within a few hours email me. Shifty, you have a point. Jacob, you are, as ever, a most fortifying influence.

  7. Thanks for the tag, Bryan. I already did this meme the other week, though -- and I managed to get up to three which is pretty good by my standards. Maybe I should take a leaf out of Susan's book and mention 7 blogs I like.
    Have a great Christmas.
    (BTW the link to Iain Dale in your post does not work)