Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Moon: Alien Contact

Since we appear to be going back to the moon at last, I thought I would draw your attention to my entirely accurate vision of future lunar exploration.


  1. Are they going to get hold of more Nazi scientists like Werner Von Braun to help get them there? "Some of the key individuals responsible for the accomplisments of Apollo 11 were deeply involved in Nazi crimes in WW2.- Ell Rosenbaum, Director US Dept of Justice, Office of Special Investigations
    Sorry if the comment is a bit heavy but tis interesting the kind of things that get swept under the carpet.

  2. So, now we know who got Hawking to see the wisdom of the human move to the moon! No need to hide behind the bushell any more!

  3. Absolutely superb - I've read entire space operas with less plot!