Thursday, January 25, 2007

China Eyes 2

Commenting on my last China Eyes post, Yi said he read this blog to learn English and asked me why my headline read 'China Eyes' and not 'Chinese Eyes'. More poetic, I explained, and it reminded me of a line from Tim Buckley - 'She had those sad China eyes'. Yi had broken ranks. As I said, China has become the country from which I receive the greatest number of visits. Indeed, their ascendancy has since increased further. But, until Yi, none of them seemed to have commented. Anyway, now I learn, that China will pass the US as the biggest internet user within two years. Also the Chinese economy grew by 10.7 per cent last year. All the expert commentary I have read on this phenomenon has been deeply implausible. I'd like to hear from my loyal but silent fan base. So come on, guys, what's going on?


  1. The Duke of ZhouJanuary 25, 2007 3:24 pm

    There's lots of us.

  2. ..and they have lots of money to spend after selling us cheap goods for years now.

  3. Don't read too much into the purported rate of economic growth in China - they lie about it, for various reasons.

    They're growing quickly, but how quickly ?

    Even they don't really know, because thier regional leaders lie to the national ones, for various reasons.