Sunday, January 07, 2007

Scotland, Me and Idi Amin

Back blogging at last after a curious jaunt in the Highlands. Up in the Glens and Bens, it is important to remember that avocados only made it to Scotland in 2005 and muesli but a couple of weeks ago, a convenient internet connection was, therefore, never very likely. But, thanks for continuing to comment and visit. Having been staring for into the middle distance for the last week, my mind is blank, but, for the moment, you can read my interview with Forest Whitaker about his performance as Idi Amin. The film, curiously, is called The Last King of Scotland.


  1. Intereseting piece, Bryan.

  2. Hey there, Bryan--

    Hope you enjoyed your hiking holiday. Allan and I stayed at the Clahaig Inn this summer and did some hiking thereabouts, on marked and unmarked trails. That region of Scotland defines "sublime." Doesn't it make you think about the dark side of Scots culture, its duality? James Hogg and R.L. Stevenson did a lot with the concept, Ian Rankin is working on it, and I sure felt it continually there amid the scenes of various Highland bloodbaths and betrayals.

    I'm writing this now on A's laptop from St. Maarten in the Caribbean where a brief rain storm has driven me from the pool.

    Happy new year to all of Bryan's merry (wo)men, and esp. you Mr. Appleyard. I'm buying a copy of your well-spelt book and my only question is: When are you coming on your U.S. book tour and does it include Philadelphia???

  3. Thanks, Andrew. Hiking, Susan! Good grief, I barely moved - partly from inclination and partly from the strength of the wind which, for a time, prevented me from even opening the door. No plans for Philadelphia yet.

  4. Bryan, so glad your back and I must say that I've always dug Whitaker (loved Ghost Dog.)
    I know it's been awhile since I've been to London, but darn it all if you don't make me nostalgic.
    Must be a sign of age on my part.

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