Tuesday, January 23, 2007

On Liverpool 2

In my last post on Liverpool, I remarked, 'this is probably the only city in the world that specialises in wringing apologies out of people.' Well, here we go again. Unbelievable.


  1. It could be argued this is a whinge about people whingeing.

  2. Is it some form of schadenfreude? Maybe not. A blood sport, perhaps? It is certainly sadistic (although probably not in a sexual way). That is, those who continually seek apologies from others for perceived slights do so, it seems, merely to watch the apologiser die a death (preferably in public). The sincerity of the apology is almost irrelevant - most are hollow anyway - it is the act of apologising itself that is the source of pleasure for the accuser. A sport in future Olympics, perhaps? Who knows?

  3. The reason Liverpool wrings apologise out of people is that the city is too near the collection of damp, overcast, gloomy mill towns called Manchester so envious and bigoted that they cant keep their miserable, down beat, self loathing to the confines of Piccadilly Gardens.

    If you don’t want to apologise then keep yer gob shut. Most of your comments are incorrect and not based on facts. I’ve been to Gorton, enough said.

    What positive comments do you have to share with the WWW about the rain trap at the foot of the Pennines?

  4. Don't really know what response you got, Bryan, but I'm afraid it strikes me as a rather simple case of cause and effect. You gave it out and you got it back. You shouldn't have disturbed the harmony of the Way. What was that John Lennon said- Instant Karma, though I think his meaning was somewhat more existential.

  5. MERSEYSIDERS have been excluded from a nationwide Tony Blair publicity stunt.

    Liverpool Echo: 'People across Britain have been invited to email Labour chiefs if they met the Prime Minister on his victorious election campaign trail in 1997. They are told they can play a part in “celebrating” Blair’s achievements. But Merseyside did not feature on his 1997 tour ......