Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Three Password Torture Protocol

I am reeling somewhat after stumbling across a comment on this Guido post. Anonymous says, 'Isn't there now encryption that gives you two passwords to give out under torture, which lead to innocent material, whilst it's the third one that hides the shit people are looking for.' Now everybody knows this, the torturers will just demand password three at once. So the trick will be to make one or two the right one. Or, even better, make it necessary to enter the passwords in a special order. I could go on, but there is only one password-code story worth telling. Find it here. The site is not password protected. But there is torture.


  1. Even a hint of torture (no cigarettes or coffee, perhaps) and they wouldn't be able to shut me up - they'd have to kill me.

  2. You having raised Borge's ghost, I feel compelled to keep it dancing. You will remember obviously Pierre Menard, Author of Don Quixote. I have a similar conceit to recreate your blog. I realise that this is an order of magnitude more complicated, inasmuch as not only do I need to mimic your thoughts and actions, but those of your many contributors also, AND potentially, those grazers who contribute not (all those Scandinavians and Chinese put off by your severe reputation on spelling no doubt). I'll probably need your spare set of keys and cheque book too but I'm sure you'll agree it's all in a good cause.

    I start on Monday.

    I'll probably break myself in gentley. Jeffrey here I come...