Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Captain on Af-Pak

Give that Obama has effectively snubbed Brown, one might wonder why he is being accorded the honour of a speech to Congress. The answer, I guess, is Afghanistan where, as in Iraq, almost alone among the nations, we seem to be prepared to die alongside Americans. I'm all for dying alongside Americans. It's worked in the past, but will it work here? Read CaptainB in the Mail if you want the full enormity of what we are taking on - oh, and if you're one of those who recently appeared on this blog to claim Al Qaeda was dead.


  1. Sorry I got it wrong yesterday, Pakistani nuclear arsenal is between a 100 - 250. And I am sure the more they have the less secure they become.

    They have also have miniaturized weapon design delivery system.

    Dont worry just like the Sri Lankan cricket team they have Presidential sercurity.

    And lets not forget to thank our friends the Saudis for funding all the hate.

  2. I fully admit I haven't been paying attention. I didn't even realise Captain B was Burleigh. And when I hop over to the Mail all I see is

    How sad that Jade's last days are reduced by this creepy voyeurism

    right next to what I have to say I feel I've been conditoned to view as a creepy picture of her in her last days.

    Sometimes even Lord Gnome can have the day off. Self-satire.

    All we know on Pak is that it hasn't happened yet. 7-7 yes, the big one no. Thank you Lord Jesus. Prayer and faith are of the essence on that (the lack of hedging around other people's sensitivities will be resumed shortly but on this I don't feel like it).

    I will also read the Burleigh before long, because we owe him much for Third Reich

  3. The time has now come to abandon jaw-jaw and declare war-war. I propose that we, within the next week dispatch elberry, armed to the tooth with that ultimate of ultimate weapons, the good old British army issue sten gun. If it was good enough for my cousin in his campaign against Cypriot donkeys during the EOKA stooshie (total body count 27) then elberry should triumph with it. I suggest we give him promotion to the rank of Generalfeldmarschall and hope that his fate doesn't mirror that of Von Paulus.

  4. What they edited out of my piece included Chinese concern that Uighar terrorists seeking an independent Xinjiang also have bases in Pakistan. Some US officers also told a spook friend that Pakistan is completely out of control now.

  5. Listen carefully to the south-east and you can hear the knives being sharpened for the skinning. After 41 years I had almost forgot the sound, but even at my age I'll still take one for my cousins.

  6. I think the question is "can we contain a south Asia war"?

    India and Pakistan at war, both internally and externally, with each other and between themselves.

    This seems to me the most likely scenario rather than WW3. There is no reason for anyone else to get involved other than to stop the islamists getting nuclear weapons, and/or defending the worlds largest democracy, India. We can do that without sending in large armies.

    There is a long tradition in the Islamic world of fighting proxy wars, this is something we especially in the west dont really get, this is why its such a dangerous place.

  7. As it happens i've now known two 'dictators'/warlords, both came to sticky ends, so i'd rather prefer to be a private citizen, albeit a private citizen with a reliable rifle, a large stash of canned good, and a brace of loyal dobermanns for when The Great War comes and it all burns down (as it surely will, and soon by God).