Monday, March 23, 2009

From the Weekend Papers

The first five paragraphs of this article are to be read, marked, learned and inwardly digested. They confirm my view people who like cats are mad. Gordon Brown's trip to Chile is to be funded by the Chilean government and Peter Mandelson's jaunt is to be paid for by Policy Network, a Think Tank or Waste of Time. This is creepy. Freddie the Shreddie replaced a carpet because it was the wrong shade of amber. He also banned those pink wafer biscuits as quite inappropriate for the headquarters of RBS. This all rather comfirms my suspicion that Fred's problem was that he didn't understand the meaning of the word 'bank'.


  1. Halfway through that article the will to live went out of me, couldn't figure out if she, the cat or her mother had dementia and what the f..k is a holistic vet, well drilled in animal husbandry maybe ?
    My old gran, a widow woman, kept cats, lots of cats, as they produced kittens, many many kittens, she dunked the little sods in a bucket of water, in pairs. The first cases of assisted suicide ?

  2. She didn't she feed them Evian in a pipette then, Malty?

  3. malty, wtf is an holistic anything?!

    I only read the first five paras, as instructed - what was that about her mother?

    pink wafer biscuits are a no brainer though...

  4. It's the poor Chilenos I feel sorry for. My understanding is that a visit from Gordon Brown is the certain herald of plagues and disaster. Still, it's not hard to imagine Mandy the Cat lounging on a purple cushion, sipping Cheval Blanc from a pipette while grateful admirers offer him "tempting tidbits". It's all about dignity and quality of life, innit.

  5. "Always at the front of my mind is that he should be allowed to retain his dignity – which he has, so far, just".

    The preceding paragraphs point to a different conclusion...