Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Not the Tamils?

Somebody just said it wasn't the Tamil Tigers. Then who was it?


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  2. The Tamils could have franchised the job to Laska-i-Toiba. The cricketers tend to be pro-Colombo, and the Tigers are being virtually annihilated in a 30 square mile pocket (having controlled 7,000 square miles of the island)-unless of course human rights groups manage to fix a ceasefire which will allow them to reestablish their grip on unfortunate civilians.

  3. Bradford Kashmir Peace & friendship committee?
    Either way the Beeb would like us to wonder.
    * Sorry about that, treadmill/blackberry trouble.

    just to add, it looks with this and mumbai that AQ/Taliban have changed tactics.

    Since Iraq they have been evidence that suicide attacks are losing them support in the Muslim world, even for the hardcore islamists they are being seen as cowardly.

    Shootouts are more efficient than Suicide attacks, and will strenghen declining opinion.

    Lets hope those 100 plus Pakistani nuclear warheads are well protected against some sort of mass attack.