Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Victoria Cut-Up

Feeling in need of a box of cheap chocolates, I went to see The Young Victoria. I didn't mind the clunky expository dialogue - I needed it, I don't remember 'doing' this period at school - nor was I upset by the unconvincing period recreation, nor even did I object to the rather sketchy politics. In fact, I would have rather enjoyed the whole ball of fluff were it not for the fact that it seemed to have undergone some kind of panic-stricken, last minute re-editing. Scenes stopped short, cuts were abrupt and captions were tossed in at random - indeed, one almost collided with the main title caption. (I assume this was not just a problem with the particular print made available to the Cineworld, Fulham Road.) None of the critics I have read have remarked on this and I have no idea what happened, though an attack by a scissors-wielding psycho does not seem out of the question.


  1. Vicky is one of those burdz who, even allowing for the passage of time, the fact she was Regina, black and white photies and marrying a Kraut, comes across as totally sexless, I know, I know, plenty bambino so she must have got 'em down sometime. However, she has to be histories number one un-erotic tottie. Talking of which, I see Sarah whatshername was one of the producers, another milestone on the road to her quest for anonymity.
    Ta for the tip Bryan, rain check methinks.

  2. I believe power is an aphrodisiac, Malty. Besides, if you read Weintraub's bio of her she was always turned on for her little wiener-schnitzel, Albert. Also, I seem to recollect being in Windsor or one of her palaces and seeing some pretty racy murals of nekkid gods gettin' it on in the boudoir.

  3. Never sure if comments get read two or three days after. But have to agree with Susan. Saw the film tonight. Inconceivable that Vic and Al didn't enjoy a very full and satisfying sexual relationship. Everything points to that. Loved the sketchy politics too, learned a lot from it. Nekkid gods meet the evangelical fervour of the Tolpuddle era. Intimate, racy, plus passion for the poor. Many pauses for thought about what might have been in the German branch of the family. In all, good effort.