Saturday, February 24, 2007

Coulrophobia 2: The Cull

I have posted before on the appalling affliction of coulrophobia - fear of clowns. I suffer somewhat myself, as do, I find, many others. I have never, however, gone so far as to advocate a clown cull. But, in Colombia, the killing has begun. Two clowns were shot dead during a circus performance. Last year another, Pepe, was killed in the same city. (I have, before you ask, a cast iron alibi.) The man must be caught, of course, but the only long term solution is to persuade all clowns to take up some less terrifying trade.


  1. I knew a girl who was so coulrophobic that she wouldn't even allow you to say the word 'clown'.

    I think they are scary because they dwell in the uncanny valley.

  2. May I nominate Ronald MacDonald as the most terrifying and globally ubiquitous No 1 Truly, Madly, Deeply, Horrible Clown.

    Sadly one cannot assassinate a lump of petrified fibre glass or solid excrement or whatever these monsters are made from... Where is the Ronald MacDonald Factory?

    Are they not Capitalism's tawdry answer to all these statues of Lenin and Co?

    I confess to admiring Fellini's film I Clowns: but I remember it ended with a glorious Clown's funeral.

  3. I remember this
    clowns have not been the same since.
    Ban the Clown!

  4. Have you seen this film?

    Killer Klowns From Outer Space

    I think your opinion of clowns can only get worse if you see it. Although the movie is amazingly funny because it is so bad.

  5. Maybe the film of Stephen King's novel IT has something to do with it?
    Pennywise was the clown in question. After the film I made it my business NEVER to accept balloons or converse with clowns down sewer drains...

  6. I don't know about people killing clowns or clowns killing people, but I suffer from coulrophobia. I am afraid they will take advantage of me. It is very sick to tell. I need help. My name is Crystal.

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