Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vista: The World Wakes

Attentive readers may recall my New Year prediction that Microsoft's Vista would be found not to work on computers. This discovery is now being made by users everywhere. I care nothing for the global suffering that is being inflicted as my migration to Mac is now complete. But I am curious to know when the world will finally realise that Vista is not an operating system but a box of randomly marked discs. It is, in fact, a final Zen-like gesture by Bill Gates whose real and much more impressive work is now elsewhere.


  1. Careful, Bryan...Apple v Microsoft seems to be a secret codeword to unleash ranting spamaloons...and as a recent OSX convert, I too have seen the light!

  2. Both being proprietary, what of Linux? It is open technology - so sustainability built in, though IBM backs it too. What is more, its roots are European.