Thursday, February 22, 2007

Er... 2: How to Sell Out

Gordon Brown offered me a knighthood - well, 'Gordon Brown' did - and Brit said they wrecked the aesthetics of my site. Susan wondered, '...can blogs still be subversive once they become part of the establishment -- selling ad space, etc.?' Not having enough cash for a peerage and being prone to fits of fatuous giggling, I've always found it very difficult to sell out. I do try. I've crawled to media bosses, fawned over politicians and grovelled to royalty. It doesn't work. It's their fault, they don't see my inner beauty, perhaps the ironic sneer and the eyes glazed with boredom suggest to them that I don't mean it. But I do. I want these people to do their work so I can do mine. I want it all to work and, if they need a bit of flattery to keep going, fine. Anyway, this is just to say I don't have any problem with ads, partly because, as far as this site is concerned, I'm a novelty junkie and partly because they can't possibly have any effect on what I write. My only stipulation to the ad guys was 'no porn' . I would have said 'no seal-clubbing bargain breaks in Greenland', but those don't often come up.


  1. No porn! I must say, the prospect of some mild titillation had taken the edge off my disappointment at your premature capitulation to pecuniary temptation. I know it's hard, when they are waving it in your face. But you need to stay calm: it's only money. Take a cold shower and have a rethink. Eh? It's not too late, you can still save the relationship.

  2. Ha! I've worked out how to block out the ads.

    Unlike Bryan, I'm still stickin' it to The Man.

  3. However this computer is set up, which is a complete mystery to me, there are no ads.

  4. Was one of their clauses that you keep writing about selling out?
    I read the blog through my RSS reader, so only see the ads when I come on the site to comment about how you've sold out ... or when you talk about Liverpool.

  5. Is there a link between ads and the mrs appleyard mugging yet?

    And was this deliberate ?

    it is available at good bookshops and Waterstone's.

    How did that get through ?

  6. Bryan.

    We disssociate ourselves from you entirely. Please remove any references to us from your web site else action will be taken.

    Grænland Seal-Clubbing Budget Travel Ågents Åssociation.

  7. the online pixie 'currently employed to sell ad space but spending all day on blogs'February 23, 2007 3:33 pm

    Are your ads charged at a CPC or a CPM basis? What's the rate card?

    Loving your work big man...

  8. Thanks, Pixie. I haven't a clue about such thinga. Should I?