Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No Toblerone

I am travelling in a couple of hours so comment moderation may be delayed. I shall, of course, remember to obey the golden rules passed down from generation to generation of explorers: I shall not buy a hat and I shall not touch the Toblerone in the minibar. Meanwhile, I leave you with a wonderful Amandaism - 'The reality is much different' - what a joy she is! Also another momentous post from Jeffrey entitled with chilling simplicity 'Rome'. He has been meeting the Catholic hierarchy, intending, presumably, to add 'Pope' to his already colourful CV. The picture shows Jeff's new study in Walsingham.


  1. Perhaps he confused 'hierarchy' with some lonely English cleric he encountered in a Roman cafe? There isn't a 'Catholic hierarchy' in Rome, unless he means the 'Italian hierachy'? I rather doubt his fame has penetrated to the archbishops of Milan or Palermo but one can never tell.

    Now then, mini-bars, much more entertaining. Especially if the 'replenisher' has forgotten to leave the corkscrew or bottle opener. The number of fridge tops I've ruined whacking my hand onto a Coca Cola bottle in foreign climes.....then there is the weak foreign beer, the lousy overpriced Chardonnay, the wafer-lite biscuits, and over-treated peanuts. And that Toblerone, costing as much as the mortgage. Smoke detectors are another bugbear of hotel rooms- especially if one has just signed the no-smoking pledge. What does one think about puffing away in the bathroom, using the seaweed body scrub to disguise the smoke, and rolling the butts into tiny parcels to smuggle out to the bins in the street? Nietzsche? Then there's the amazing array of "Horst's" available on the adult channels on the TV. But now we are back in the general orbit of Jeff. Perhaps he could write a novel called 'The Replenisher'. Good title?

  2. "The article is about handling the grave dangers that are lurking for male egos when they reside in men that are married to women who start making more money than their husbands."

    You will admit that you are aware that I am on fire in the stuff given that I wrote in the above that you linked to, whcih are my words, here.