Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The BBC Hails the Second Coming

So, Hill came good - which might explain the stunned silence from Appleyard. This result can only be good news for the Republicans, who will thereby garner the Anyone But Her vote, whoever their candidate turns out to be. As has been pointed out more than once on this blog, a propos La Clinton and also our own Great Helmsman, people so fundamentally unlikeable and lacking in human characteristics don't get elected. What struck me about all this, though, was the tone of the BBC coverage as the result (on the Dem side - obviously Republicans are an irrelevance in their world) came through. Hill's narrow victory was reported in terms of outright Clintonista triumphalism, as if it was the Second Coming - for some reason, the BBC loves Hillary. Why? Is it the old Clinton 'stardust' (a tawdry quintessence of BS)? Is it because she's a woman? Does that trump being black? Is it because she's been on Woman's Hour? I don't know - I find it all very bewildering. Glad McCain came good though, even if he's too old to make it to the finishing line. He should have been President instead of Bush - things would look very different now.


  1. They are all part of the same giant world conspiracy I think....

  2. Went to bed last night confident she was a goner and woke up this morning to find she's back. It's like Fatal Attraction.

    These Clintons are mean. They fight dirty.

  3. Hill's narrow victory was reported in terms of outright Clintonista triumphalism, as if it was the Second Coming...

    I remember the First Coming!

    It happened when I met Hillary’s famous political spouse. Which is to say, I first met Bill Clinton in 1995.

    >If you dress like a sex object,< he said, >you will be treated like one!< and invited me to sit on his face.

    Put like that, it did not seem unreasonable!

    Usually looking forward to cooperating with some appropriate inquiry, it was also about this time that Bill discovered his hitherto unknown Harlem roots. Which is, of course, why, thanks to husband Bill's reputation as the >first black president<, Hillary now thinks she has a monopoly on the black vote. Until, of course, Obama entered the race. I also remember that when George Bush entered the Oval Office in 2001 he accused his predecessor of having been >soft on porn< and, fatally, vowed to crack down on an industry that was generating $9.8 billion a year. I have never seen that promised before, and, of course, it backfired. The former president still basks in astonishingly high approval ratings of some 70%, while that of Bush is now rock bottom.

    His lies, in fact, only began when it was inconvenient to be truthful. Other than that, I can vouch for it, he insisted on the highest standards of personal behaviour. As for sex, he unwaveringly opposed any form of repression, upholding that no other pursuit is so powerful a source of human happiness. Truth to tell, while he was enjoying fellatio in the Oval Office, the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 saw nearly one million people butchered to death in one hundred days violence.

    And, what is worse, he is going to do it again.

    Indeed, the facts argue in his favour. At the last Labour party conference, speaking briefly about the future, he declared: “I found there was life after politics.”

    Well, folks, looks like I am soon going to be back in Washington...



  4. I'm traveling and have only just discovered Hill won New Hamster. Well, even my mama, an erstwhile Republican (she voted for Reagan twice), said she wants to vote for Hillary because she "feels sorry for her." My mother is very upset that people are being so mean to poor Hillary -- making fun of her, etc. So p'raps Hillary is getting the sympathy vote from lots of old ladies like my mom.

    Meanwhile, the TV is now on and my 19 year old daughter just saw McCain's face: "EWWWW," she said, "I'm not voting for him! He's so old and gross looking." Guess what, she's gonna vote in this upcoming election and looks are gonna count for that contingent of young voters -- The Facebook Demographic.

    Dumb, ain't it? The reasons why we vote for whom we do. They say only 5% of the populace really considers the issues when they vote.

  5. Susan B is right. I recall a female friend saying she couldn't vote for William Hague because Tony Blair was so much better looking. Hillary scares blokes like me. Apart from Huckerbee and the alien guy, I'd prefer anyone but her.

  6. I like Hillary Clinton. I think she's the best Democratic candidate from who is on offer, and I hope she wins the Presidency.

    However, I think that Americans are too prejudiced to vote a woman in. (And they wouldn't vote a black guy in either. If Hillary or Barak wins the Democratic nomination, the Republicans will win for this reason.)

    I should, however, be very happy to be proved wrong on this occasion.

  7. However, I think that Americans are too prejudiced to vote a woman in. (And they wouldn't vote a black guy in either. If Hillary or Barak wins the Democratic nomination, the Republicans will win for this reason.)

    I believe that you can provide no contemporary evidence to support your contention. If Clinton wins the nomination, she'll have a tough fight and the ABC's (Anyone But a Clinton) will be out in droves, but it won't be because she's a woman. A huge segment of the electorate positively hates Bill Clinton and her as well. She very well could still win depending on which of the gaggle of idiots running for the GOP nomination actually secures it. The Republican nightmare is having to run against Obama in a general election. The GOP base is unlikely to be really fired up by any of its potential nominees and without HRC to focus on, they probably won't get around to doing much but go through the motions. Any effort to go negative will likely blow up in their face. Everything they say or do will be examined closely for any hint of racism and played up as being that, even when unintended. And that's just what the non-partisan press will do. Obama won't have to say or do a thing but smile. Obama's problem has been and remains that he is an excellent, inspirational and forward-looking scripted candidate whose off-the-cuff remarks and debate performances do not conform to his sculpted image. Perhaps because he's never run in a genuninely contested election this comes through often enough to raise doubts about him. His performance in the Saturday night debate stopped his momentum in its tracks. That was his fault, not because of his race.

  8. What has struck me about the coverage of Obama is the extent to which he seems to appeal to Republicans and Independents. The dislike of Clinton seems inspired by the feeling she is more to the left of Obama.

    Nige - I think you are allowing your mistrust of the BBC to cloud your judgement on this one. All the papers in Britain called the primary for Obama. The BBC is crowing over their rivals, not Clinton herself.