Wednesday, January 02, 2008


If you feel in need of a chilling prediction for the new year, try the last paragraph of this.


  1. Always in need of chilling predictions here, the chillier the better. Since one knows that chilling predictions are nearly always complete BS, they leave one feeling better, not worse, and relieved to find that some people out there are even sillier than I am. Things will work out OK.

    Spam already accounts for 90 per cent plus plus of all email thanks to botnets and compromised 'doze users so in many ways we are already seeing what it's all for. That, and Denial of Service blackmail. Besides, it's not in the interests of the botnet-herders to become too much of an overt problem. Action against them would reduce their income, and hence the income of, one guesses, their mafia bosses in the Russian state. Why, those poor folks might no longer be able to afford a multi-million pound home in Kensington.

  2. Ah well - if the internet dissolves into chaos then there are plenty of other things we'll be able to do - and maybe life will be simpler - all this knowledge we are gobbling down is bound to give us mental indigestion.

  3. My hunch is that the net is headed for its own version of 9/11.

    Which means what exactly? That a few servers will be destroyed and that the world will overreact and invade some foreign country?