Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hot News: World Ends

Is it just me or is the server at ... down!!!!?
PS Oh hang on, it just seems to be my browser - Safari, Firefox okay. Phew, I thought we were all going to die.


  1. I know just how you feel! This keeps on happening to me, too. Group suicide, it's the only solution.
    (Maxine, masquerading for google commenting system reasons as Petrona.)

  2. You were right, we are all going to die.

  3. and here's me thinking you was an Opera lover.

  4. If we die like characters die in the opera, we've probably got a loooong time to go -- singing all the way!

  5. Phew, first my Nokia mobile (with Opera and Skype) having 'connection error' then my Mac laptop could not get through to Google - so, I did the only sensible thing. Turned each off and then back on. Guess what, both right as rain again.

    Seriously, there appears to have been a problem. Probably related to the fact that all Google top brass were in Davos.