Monday, May 05, 2008

Aurelian Matters

After that dreadful cold wet April, this is clearly going to be another bad year for most of our British butterflies - even though the poor creatures are said be feeling uncomfortably warm and heading north in response to our old friend 'global warming'. However, I'm happy to report that for the past couple of days my garden has seldom been without one or two of these little beauties fluttering around. And last weekend I was delighted to see several of these (those marbled underwings are so beautiful...).
Walking just now in Holland Park, I didn't see any butterflies (oddly), but I did notice that yesterday they celebrated Dawn Chorus Day with an early morning walk through the wooded parts of that most beautiful and un-London-like park. Excellent idea.


  1. As a footnote, here's a history of the wonderfully ramshackle, accident-prone and easily disheartened Society of Aurelians.

  2. One part of the Cinco de Mayo celebration these days involves butterflies... The monarchs are just returning to North America after their winter sojourn in Mexico and points south. I'm expecting them in my garden in the next couple of weeks as the stuff they like to dip into is getting ready to bloom (buddleia, etc.)

  3. Lovely - we don't get them over here (well only very rarely), but when I visited the butterfly house in the botanical gardens in Lisbon, the place was full of them. Beautiful...