Sunday, May 04, 2008

Gordon, Jim, Bruce, Dawn...

Sunday morning, and no word from the proprietor of this site - so I guess nothing worth seeking out in the Sunday Times today.
If I were Gordon Brown (ugh, I think something walked over my grave) I'd be seeking out this man. He surely would find a way to 'fix it'. Personally though I'm still reeling from a headline I caught sight of in the Weekly Gleaner: 'Bruce Won't Bow. [subhead] Buggery Laws Will Not Be Repealed.' They er call a spade a spade in Jamaica...
And today was Dawn Chorus Day, and I wasn't even awake for it. Did I miss anything?


  1. Look like the Brown Matrix is heading down the pan then!

  2. Ah, Sir Jimmy. I thought he was dead. But then it would be no surprise if Broon's chief fixer did, in fact, turn out to have been completely dead for twenty years. Can anyone actually prove that Sir Jimmy is still alive?

    Today's dawn chorus was the throaty induction roar of eight bikes firing up and heading north, to put it about a bit in the Cotswolds and beyond. The doves fluted and the nightingales bubbled and trilled, even though they had names like Fazer, Bandit, Hornet and Sprint, and the only songs they sang in Stratford all went ker-ching ker-ching.

  3. The greying, late middle age Englishman stood with his back to the sun, contemplating the endless succession of sandy, scrub covered low hills, in the far distance the Mexican border, the romantic allure of the south calling ever stronger. Winding its way in and out of his conciousness were the stones immortal words "Angie, Angie, you can say we never tried" As the moon rose over the Mesa the ghostly figures of Richard Widmark and Lawrence Harvey, riding palameno ponies, rode towards him. He altered his position slightly, peering into the failing light, wondering who the two figures could be. As they passed him, the red desert dust kicked up by the riders engulfed him. He spoke in a choking, coughing voice "Santa Ana passed by two hours ago."

    "Excuse me sir" said the BA official, I'm afraid your luggage is in Karachi"